Short Belter

Short Belter

10th September 2017
Distance: approx. 100km (63miles)
Climbing: approx. 1,650m
Feeds: approx. 33km, 64km and 100km (finish)

GPX and route:

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The Short Belter is a cracking ride for anyone looking to hit the 100km without going for a full belting.  Take it on a shorter day-out or as a challenge once you’ve already completed the Mini Belter.

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The course

The SHORT Belter loop heads south out of Keynsham, over the river Avon and along the Wellsway. From the valley created by the river Chew views of the rolling countryside are to the right. The route drops down into the valley along the river before crossing the Chew at a picturesque hamlet and slowly climbing out of the valley on the opposite side.

Following quiet country lanes until reaching the outskirts of Compton Dando the course takes a right along the tree lined Slate Lane until the view opens up to wooded country side.

After a steady climb to the top of Publow Hill and the crossroads the course takes a left at the junction and follows the road to Publow before crossing the River Chew once again in the direction of Pensford.

At Pensford you reach the A37 and towering above you in the near distance is the viaduct. Riders will travel under the viaduct before climbing out of Pensford towards Upper Stanton Drew. The lanes from here to Bishop Sutton are generally faster and wider making for easy riding.

Out of Bishop Sutton the climb of Burledge Hill starts. This takes a bit of effort and none climbers will have to search for the lower gears. Reaching Hinton Blewet the climbing is done. The roads drops down to the B3114 and the very steady (false flat) route makes its way through Litton and to the junction at Chewton Mendip. Here the road joins the busier A39 up the High Street, taking a right on the Mendips proper along Plummer Lane.

Here the courses split with the long course heading towards Priddy and the mini course heading straight on the B3135 before turning right toward Charter House. At the feed station at the junction with the B3371 the mini course re-joins the long route.

At the sign for Priddy the road is rolling but soon it goes down – fast – towards Westbury – sub – Mendip. The barron landscape gives way to the flat lush fields and the flatter grounds of the Somerset Levels. This is the respite before the challenge. A loop of the area from Easton via Theale, Wedmore, Crickam, Clewer until reaching Cheddar where the infamous Cheddar Gorge climb starts.

First winding its way through the town it soon picks up gradient making this the biggest challenge of the Belter. Towards the top the road starts to flatten out and speed picks up again before turning half left onto the B3371 and starting to make for home. After a well deserved re-fresh at the feed station (here the mini course re-joins) the route heads straight on to Compton Martin, with Blagdon Lake on the left.

A climb up a steep road to Plaisters Green and along Gravel Hill the riders will be taking in the view of the Mendips, the lakes and popping out at Chew Stoke. From here it runs along Valley Lane and the Chew Lake dam before turning its back on the lakes and heading toward the village of Chew Magna.

Now clearly on the home stretch the route makes its way towards Norton Malreward, passing the Airfield on the right, before crossing the A37 and slowly makings its way into ‘greater’ Keynsham. Once in town the course quickly makes its way towards the A4 and back into the Fry Club driveway where at the end refreshments and a finishing present are waiting for the riders.

Course map & GPX data:

To view the map simply click the link ( Besides viewing the course you can also download the GPX data. Please keep in mind that there might be last minute changes to the course.

We will do our best to update this section whenever needed but please be aware that this might not always be possible. Please don’t rely entirely on the GPX data during the event.

Start times:

The SHORT Bristol Belter Road Sportive will start from 8.00am onwards on Sunday 10th September 2017 at the Fry Club in Keynsham, Bristol (BS31 2AU).
The start will stay open for two hours.
Registration opening times: Sunday from 7.30am – 10am

Entry fees:

The entry fee for the Mini Belter is £24.
The entry fee for the Standard and Classic Belter is £29.

Your entry fee for the Bristol Belter Road Sportive includes:

Ride entry
Electronic chip timing
Free usage of service stations
Free usage of facilities
Finishing present
Free parking